Heroes and Legends Kennedy Space Center

Have you ever wondered what a hero is?

Heroes and Legends Kennedy Space Center is an attraction where you will discover the tales of NASA’s heroes.

The exterior of the building is made of large fiberglass, representing the original Mercury 7 astronauts.

As you walk in, you’ll be surrounded by a 360-degree discovery bay featuring images of heroes like John F. Kennedy.

The lights will dim, and a movie will start, asking, “What is a hero?” and answering the question.

The next most exciting part is the “Through the Eyes of a Hero” theater.

It’s a massive 3D screen that makes you feel like you’re on a space mission with astronauts like Alan Shepard and Neil Armstrong.

You’ll hear, see, and even smell what it was like during their early space adventures.

You can look inside the Sigma 7 Mercury capsule Wally Schirra flew in as you continue and also touch screens to learn about astronaut artifacts and hear their stories.

Read more to journey into the world of heroes and legends.

No separate ticket is required. Your admission ticket covers entry to the Kennedy Space Center Heroes and Legends tickets.

Where is Heroes and Legends in Kennedy Space Center

The Heroes & Legends exhibit is located at the entrance of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

This prime location ensures that it serves as a gateway for visitors. GET DIRECTIONS

History of Heroes and Legends Kennedy Space Center

History of Heroes and Legends Kennedy Space Center
Image: Nasa.gov

The Kennedy Space Center Heroes and Legends section opened to the public on 11 November 2016. This section has a rich history.

The U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame was established in 1990 to honor NASA veterans and their extraordinary accomplishments.

Over time, the idea evolved to provide a more comprehensive experience, which led to the development of the Heroes and Legends exhibit.

Later, the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame shifted to the Kennedy Space Center, inside the Heroes and Legends building.

What is Inside Heroes and Legends

The Heroes and Legends section is a tribute to NASA’s legendary figures and their contributions to space exploration. Visitors can see

360-Degree Discovery Bay:

A spherical theater provides an immersive experience with dynamic presentations and visuals that bring space missions to life.

As the lights go down, a movie that asks, “What is a hero?” starts. Visitors, celebrities, and astronauts share their sources of inspiration.

George Takei of Star Trek discusses his father’s impact on his life and career.

Videos created by the public demonstrate the variety of heroic deeds people can perform.

During the presentation, you’ll hear from astronauts, famous people, and everyday folks about what makes someone a hero.

The presentation explores the concept of heroism and answers questions about what makes someone a hero.

4D Theater Experience:

Visitors are taken through a second set of doors into a custom 28-foot-tall wraparound theater with a 225-degree view.

This experience takes visitors on an adventure with space-age heroes from the Mercury and Apollo missions.

Using special effects like fog, spray, wind, and mist, the 4D theater creates an engaging environment.

The Through the Eyes of a Hero presentation makes you feel like you’re with astronauts Alan Shepard, Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, and Jim Lovell on their space missions.

It’s a 4D experience with sights, sounds, smells, and even touch, making you feel the complete experience as if it were real.

The most amazing part of the experience is the sensation of looking down at Earth.

Artifacts-Rockets and Capsules:

In the adjacent room, historical artifacts tell the story of the early space program.

Visitors can see the Mercury-Redstone 6 rocket and look inside the Sigma 7 Mercury capsule, which Wally Schirra flew on October 3, 1962.

Sigma 7 gives an impression of the conditions experienced by astronauts inside the capsule.

Schirra spent nine hours crammed into this capsule and doubled the distance covered by all previous American astronaut missions.

He successfully fueled NASA’s aspirations for extended missions!

Interactive Pods:

Visitors can see nine interactive pods that symbolize the nine qualities of a hero: inspired, inquisitive, tenacious, passionate, brave, selfless, disciplined, and principled.

Each pod is like the mini cockpit of a space shuttle and has a touchscreen to pick up a space artifact and hear the story behind it.

These artifacts are real things that astronauts used or wore, and the stories come from interviews with astronauts and their families.

For example, there’s this story from Jim Lovell, the commander of Apollo 13.

He talks about a night when he was a pilot on an aircraft carrier, and suddenly, all his plane instruments went dark.

It was pitch black, but he used the fluorescence in the ocean to figure out where his ship was and get back on course.

What Else Is There To See?

The U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame

The final exhibit is the US Astronaut Hall of Fame inside the same Heroes and Legends building.

It is dedicated to brave astronauts who went on space missions and pushed the boundaries of human exploration.

The Rocket Garden

Just outside the Heroes and Building lies the stunning outdoor display of the iconic rockets, including Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo spacecraft that once roared in space.

The Space Mirror Memorial

This reflective memorial is a solemn reminder of their sacrifice. It pays tribute to the astronauts who lost their lives during space missions. 

Astronaut Encounters

It is a program that allows visitors to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex to engage in conversation with seasoned NASA astronauts.

Pilots, commanders, and mission and payload specialists who have worked or resided in space are invited to the Astronaut Encounter.


Why was the Heroes and Legends section made?

The Heroes and Legends section was created to honor astronauts.

The astronauts who displayed exceptional courage, innovation, and contributions in space exploration

Where is the Heroes and Legends building located?

The Heroes & Legends building is at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex entrance in Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA.

Its name is written on the building’s facade.

What is there to see inside Heroes and Legends?

Inside Heroes and Legends, visitors can explore various attractions like a 360-degree Discovery Bay, a 4D theater, and historical artifacts from early space programs.

You can also see interactive pods representing hero qualities and the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame.

How long does it take to visit KSC Heroes and Legends?

On average, visitors spend approximately 1 to 2 hours exploring the exhibit to fully appreciate the Heros and Legends at Kennedy Space Center.

Why were the astronauts considered heroes?

Specific individuals who rise above the ordinary in the extraordinary tale of human history are called heroes.

Astronauts distinguish themselves through sacrifices, risks, and dangerous missions that advance humanity, earning them the title of true heroes.

Who was the first space hero?

On 12 April 1961, Yuri Gagarin, a Soviet cosmonaut, became the first human to travel into space.

He orbited the Earth aboard the Vostok 1 spacecraft.

Featured Image: Kennedyspacecenter.com

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