Kennedy Space Center and Airboat Safari Tour

Have you ever wanted to experience the wonders of outer space and those of the natural world—all in one day? If so, this tour is for you!

Here is your chance to explore space and nature with the Kennedy Space Center and Airboat Safari Tour. 

You’ll start your day by exploring the NASA Space Center, where you’ll learn about the history of space exploration and see iconic rockets like the Saturn V.

You will watch an IMAX movie, click amazing pictures at the launch pads, and even participate in shuttle launch simulations. 

Then, you’ll head to the nearby swamps for an exhilarating airboat ride through the lush vegetation, where you’ll spot exotic plants and wildlife.

This Kennedy Space Center Airboat Tour is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about space exploration and experience the thrill of an airboat ride in the swamps. 

It’s also a great way to spend a day with the whole family, as it has all the experiences: educational, adventurous and simulation.

You can book this tour for $189 for adults over 12.

While children aged three to 11 get this at a reduced rate of $165, infants under two years can get free admission.

Kennedy Space Center Airboat Tour Price

Visitors’ AgeTicket prices ($)
Adult ticket (12+ years)$189
Youth ticket (3 to 11 years)$165
Child ticket (up to 2 years)Free Entry

KSC and Airboat Tour Includes

  • A pick-up and drop-off service from Orlando, Kissimmee, Disney, or Lake Buena Vista meeting points
  • Admission ticket to the visitor complex
  • Enjoy a 30-minute Airboat ride on the St. John River
  • 3D IMAX movie Magnificent Desolation
  • Explore the Shuttle Launch Simulation
  • Entry ticket to Space Center bus tour
  • A guide/driver

Highlights of this Kennedy Space Center full-day tour with Airboat Safari Ride 

  • Have a blast by enjoying the Kennedy Space Center with you
  • Experience the Space Shuttle launch
  • Meet a real-life astronaut and observe the Saturn V Rocket
  • Take an airboat ride to discover the serene nature around the center
  • Visit the Space Shuttle Atlantis

Did you know?

Kennedy Space Center shares borders with Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.

More than 330 bird species, 25 mammals, 117 fish and 65 amphibians and reptiles reside between the borders

Also, the marshy waterways at the center are an ideal habitat for alligators

You will spot one during your airboat ride if you are lucky enough.

Why Buy the Kennedy Space Center Airboat Tour?

The tour is perfect for families and anyone interested in space exploration or the natural environment. 

It’s a great way to spend a day in Florida and make lasting memories.

Here are some experiences you will get to explore during this tour:

Kennedy Space Center

Learn all about space travel by visiting this fantastic institution.

Travel by bus tour and see yourself in the launch room in front of the iconic Saturn V Rocket.

Get on the shuttle launch pads and take as many pictures as possible.

Plus, if you are lucky, you will see a space shuttle.

The Shuttle Simulation Experience

Also, the Shuttle Launch simulation experience is an exciting ride replicating the shuttle’s sounds, sights and feelings.

Visitors usually strap in and go vertical on a motion-based simulator, which gives a five-minute breathtaking view of Earth.


After the bus tour, rest your legs by watching an IMAX movie.

In the movie, check out the innovative 3D IMAX Magnificent Desolation.

Airboat Safari

This Kennedy Space Center airboat tour includes a 30-minute ride through the nearby swaps.

Visitors can discover exotic plants, flowers and wildlife, including the alligator.


  • Pets
  • Luggage or large bags


  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen

Know Before You Go

  • Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral are both working facilities, which can be the reason behind the closure and alteration of operational hours
  • NASA has the right to cancel or alter tour locations or security requirements
  • This Kennedy Space Center and Airboat Tour must be purchased at least a week before the scheduled date.
  • Pick-ups are limited to Kissimmee, Disney, Lake Buena Vista, Universal, and International Drive.
  • Make sure to bring a camera
  • The space center is closed on 25 December and shuttle launch days.
  • The availability or pricing of the tour might change without notice.


What is included in the Kennedy Space Center and airboat safari tour?

This extraordinary tour, applicable to all ages, includes
1. Entry to Kennedy Space Center

2. Shuttle Space Launch Simulation

3. IMAX Movie

4. A thirty-minute airboat ride

5. Admission to bus tour

What should you wear for the Kennedy Space Center and airboat safari tour?

Visitors need to wear comfortable clothes, sunglasses and shoes.

The space center is on the large outdoor complex, so you will have to walk a lot.

Also, the airboat ride will be wet and windy, so carry a raincoat and jacket.

Is the tour suitable for children?

Yes, the Kennedy Space Center airboat ride is suitable for all ages.

How much do the Kennedy Space Center and airboat safari tour cost?

The tour costs $189 for adults over 12 years and $165 for children between 3 to 11 years.

Infants under two years old have free entry to the space center.

Are there any restrictions for the tour?

Yes, there are some restrictions for this tour.

Pets, luggage, or large bags are prohibited on this Kennedy Space Center and airboat tour.

Featured Image: KennedySpaceCenter.com

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