The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is loaded with so many exhibits and beautiful attractions. 

Among all those attractions, the Moonscape is one of the most compelling and brand-new exhibits. 

If you are interested in space exploration and want to know the history of space and the Moon, then this place is going to be an ideal option for you. 

So, whenever you visit the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, a stop at the Moonscape is very necessary. 

This place is mainly a replica of the lunar surface which can be enjoyed by the visitor. 

Moonscape mainly represents a scene from Apollo 11 where Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin planted the American Flag on the surface of the Lunar. 

The most eye-catching and beautiful artifact of the Moonscape is Lunar Module 9 or LM-9. It was mainly a genuine Lunar module that was made for the Apollo. 

You can witness this authentic Lunar module next to them. Originally, the LM-9 or the Lunar Module 9 was intended to fly on Apollo 15. 

But, for some reason, it was replaced with an extended or modified version of the Lunar Module when the Lunar rover was included in the mission.

You can take a closer look at the vehicle, which was the shelter for the humans when they were on the Moon.

It was also a vehicle that lifted them off from the surface of the Moon when the exploration was complete. 

You can also get a glimpse of the inside of the vehicle as well. However, during your visit to the place, make sure to test your skills by taking three engaging challenges. 

You can get to know more about the Apollo spacesuit here. You can also gather relevant information about every part of the Lunar module. 

You will also know how far a golf ball can fly with the lower gravitational pull of the Moon. 

People also come here to learn launching and landing skills with the command service module.

Featured Image: Krzych-34 from Getty Images (Canva)

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