ISS Triumph of technology


The ISS Triumph of technology is also a part of Kennedy space center’s explore attractions and get inspired section. 

The Explore Attractions and get inspired section has multiple visitor attraction zones. 

The ISS Triumph of technology falls under one of those zones called ‘Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other at the Kennedy Space Center. 

And here, you will learn about the NASA ISS triumph technology.  

What is ISS?

The International Space Station, or ISS, is the only microgravity laboratory on earth that helps space researchers in 106 countries in their experiments. 

The International Space Station symbolizes the international corporation. It has benefited the people on earth in numerous ways, economical, technological, educational, and many more. 

The ISS is built with multiple nodes or modules that keep different parts of the space station together.

What is the ISS Triumph of technology about?

The ISS (International Space Station) is the triumph of technology and also the visitors’ favorite attraction to get inspired programs within the Space Shuttle Atlantis of the Kennedy space center. 

It is a part of ‘Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other and helps space enthusiasts to learn about ISS and the daily life of astronauts on the ISS. 

It offers a 10 mins tour of the place and where you can learn about both ISS and ISS astronauts. 

Main attractions Kennedy ISS Triumph of technology        

The main attractions of the ISS Triumph of technology include exciting information ISS or International Space Station and the regular life of an astronaut abroad, like how they walk, eat, live or function on the International Space Station.   

The Kennedy ISS triumph of technology is a part of ‘Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other’ inside the Shuttle Space Atlantis.

The trip to ISS triumph of technology includes admission, and the complex is partially accessible by wheelchair.   

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