Astronaut encounter


As the name says ‘Astronaut encounter’, you will be able to encounter an astronaut, isn’t it a dream come true? 

This activity is famous among visitors cause several individuals aspire to be an astronaut someday to get to know the better of space. 

At Kennedy Space Center, you can meet an astronaut at Universe Theatre during a live presentation. 

Here are a few advantages of an Astronaut encounter that will let you have a clear opinion over your confusion.

1. Get answers to all your space-related questions here

Are you a person who has been very curious about the stuff related to space and astronauts? 

If yes, then this can be an opportunity for you to get all your questions answered by professional astronauts.

This session of 40 minutes is all yours, where you can see the live presentation and also enjoy chit-chat with the astronaut of the day.

2. Get an autograph

Get an autograph

The session is not only informative but interactive and full of fun. 

You can also ask for an autograph from the astronaut, pilot, commander, and other specialists who are available there to share their experience on that day.

With every new professional, there is a new story that you get to hear. 

So, even if you have been to the ‘Astronaut encounter’ once, you can always visit this pace again as every day there’s something new to learn from this place and the people here.

3. Lifetime experience

Because people from different places and of different ages try to be a part of this but only a few selective people get this chance.

This can be a lifetime experience as you get to see, hear, and talk with real heroes. 

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