Kennedy Space Center: Chat with an Astronaut Experience

Travel to the Kennedy Space Center to visit the field and chat with a real-life astronaut.

With this extraordinary opportunity, you can bridge the gap between your curiosity and the expertise of space veterans, gaining a firsthand perspective on their experiences.

This dine-with astronaut Kennedy Space Center ticket also has a roundtrip transportation facility from Orlando, Kissimmee, Disney, or Lake Buena Vista.

On your way to the Space Coast, your guide will tell you more about the center and how to make the most of your visit.

Furthermore, you can have a personalized chat with an astronaut in a small group setting.

Ask the most pressing questions to the space experts to cure your space curiosity.

While doing so, you can have lunch with the astronauts at Kennedy Space Center, discussing how to live and survive in space.

Have fun by hearing interesting stories and facts about space travel you won’t find anywhere else.

Later, return to the visitor center and explore the Shuttle Launch Experience, IMAX motion theater, Rocket Garden and more.

This ticket is the perfect combination of everything you will need to experience at a NASA Field Center:

  • The admission ticket
  • Exploration of the visitor complex
  • Have a chat with an astronaut
  • Enjoy snacks and beverages

What’s more? Get this opportunity for just $212 for adults over 12 years old.

Children under 11 get this at a reduced rate of $177, and infants under two years enjoy free admission.

Kennedy Space Center Astronaut Encounter Ticket Prices

Visitors’ AgeTicket prices
Adult ticket (12+ years)$212
Youth ticket (3 to 11 years)$177
Child ticket (up to 2 years)Free Entry 

Highlights of this Lunch with Astronaut Kennedy Space Center

  • Have a personalized chat with an astronaut 
  • Secure yourself a piece of moon rock at the Saturn V Center.
  • Hear personal space experiences and dine with astronauts at Kennedy Space Center
  • Take a tour of the space center
  • Roundtrip transportation from Orlando, Kissimmee, Disney, or Lake Buena Vista meeting points 

Questions to Ask an Astronaut

You can ask questions according to your own curiosity, but if you are still confused, here are some samples you can refer to:

  • What was it like to launch into space for the first time? Can you explain the feeling?
  • What is the best part of being an astronaut?
  • What are the hopes for future space exploration?
  • How has your experience as an astronaut changed your view of the Earth and humanity?
  • What was the most challenging part about living in space?

You can take full advantage of this opportunity and ask all your questions during the Kennedy Space Center chat with an astronaut

Also, have a full-length group discussion to exchange ideas, hopes and solutions to make future space exploration easier.


  • Luggage or large bags


  • Comfortable shoes

Know Before You Go:

  • The Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral are working space launch facilities.
    As such, tours may be altered or closed due to operational requirements.

  • NASA reserves the right to cancel or alter tour locations and/or security requirements without notice.

  • This tour is not valid on Rocket Launch Days.

  • Cancellation Policy: non-refundable within a 72-hour period.

  • Availability and pricing for an attraction or service are subject to change without notice.


How long is the chat with an astronaut at KSC?

You will get approximately 45 minutes to have a chat with the astronaut.

Be prepared with your questions to ask the space expert about what it’s really like to travel to space.

Enjoy food and beverages during the chat while participating in the group discussion.

How do I meet an astronaut at Kennedy Space Center?

You can chat with a real-life space expert with the Kennedy Space Center astronaut encounter ticket.

Get the experience for only $212 and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Do I need to buy the admission ticket separately for this experience?

No, the visitor complex entry ticket is included with this experience.

After the Kennedy Space Center astronaut meet, you can explore the vast organization’s highlights and attractions.

What are the restrictions in the Kennedy Space Center chat with an astronaut?

Large bags or luggage are not allowed inside the facility.

What questions can I ask at the Kennedy Space Center to meet an astronaut?

You can ask questions about their training, missions, strategies and experiences in space.

Also, you will listen to fascinating stories and facts from a real-life astronaut.

Featured Image: KennedySpaceCenter.com

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