Exploring the Moon


This particular area of the Kennedy Space Center’s Visitor Complex is recently gaining people’s attention. 

It is so because this is the place where you get to touch the things that were brought to the Earth during the Apollo missions.

This place will give the visitors a real experience of landing on the Lunar surface. People love this place because they get to know what it took to get MoonMoon. 

The Apollo/ Saturn V Center successfully brought the huge excitement of moon landings to life. 

When you step into this amazing place, you will get excited to see the engaging and genuine artifacts and exhibits. 

These incredible authentic artifacts are there just to showcase the amazing innovations of moon landing missions of NASA.

All of these things are displayed to help you learn about the education, training, and basic qualification required for becoming an Apollo astronaut. 

So, it is a very good place to start if you have an interest in astronomy and want to become an astronaut. 

With their detailed description of everything, you will also know the difference between how the technologies, modules, and astronauts were in the old days and how they are now. 

An interactive ‘Touch the Moon’ timeline takes you on a walk on their projected moon surface and leading up to the Apollo program along with the first Apollo missions 7-10. 

The opposite side of the intuitive display highlights the facts that they have found on the MoonMoon and things they have learned about Earth. 

The best part of this place is you will get to touch the actual moon rock, which was carried back to Earth from Apollo 17. 

With the help of the amazing display, you can gather more information about six Apollo landing sites to learn more about the missions and items they left behind. 

You will also know how the lunar rover was used on Apollo missions later to navigate foreign terrain.

Featured Image: KennedySpaceCenter.com

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