Apollo Treasure Gallery


Among all the other things of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, the Apollo Treasure gallery holds a special place in everyone’s heart.

This place is dedicated to the astronauts of the Apollo missions to honor their huge contributions. 

Most of the part of this gallery is filled with the items that were being used by those astronauts. 

The Apollo Treasure Gallery will surely take you to the time when the Apollo Missions happened. 

You will be happy and glad to know about the people that worked hard to make the mission successful. 

Hence, when you visit Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, you must visit the gallery once.

The Apollo Treasure Gallery is mainly a one-of-a-kind museum that reflects the history of the Apollo Program. 

This gallery is also the home to the ‘Moon Wall,’ which is mainly a wall that is well-decorated by the moon rocks collected from all over the world.

The items you will find in the rooms of the Apollo Treasure Gallery are very precious and rare. 

The prototypes, medals, and training gear display the stories of the astronauts who took part in the Apollo missions. 

The major highlight of the Apollo Treasure Gallery is definitely the ‘Moon Touch Tank.’

The ‘Moon Touch Tank’ mainly contains the water which was brought by Buzz Aldrin from the Lunar landing site. 

There are so many other things as well that reminds us of the success story of the Lunar mission.

You will get to see the moon-dust-covered spacesuit of Alan Shepard as well.

Along with that, another highlight of the Apollo Treasure Gallery is the Apollo 14 crew capsule.

Apart from that, the gallery displays the genuine artifacts and other technologies of Apollo Moon Missions. 

So, you can definitely visit the place once to witness its history.

Featured Image: KennedySpaceCenter.com

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