Lego build to launch


The Lego build to Launch is also a part of the NASA Now + Next program under Explore Attractions and Be Inspired program. 

Lego education and NASA collaborated on the Lego build-to-launch, a fun learning program to spark curiosity among young students and recreate the happiness of knowing with the STEAM Exploration Series of Build and Launch program. 

What is a LEGO build and Launch?

Lego Build and Launch is a learning program that NASA and Lego education has designed for young students. 

It is a STEAM exploration series that will help students understand the concept of STEAM, the technology behind it or NASA uses, and much more. 

Lego built and launched is led by the Latest Lego space team and designed to help students learn about space and build the future with their own hands and creativity. 

What is the Lego Build and launch program about?

The Lego Build and Launch program under the NASA Now + Next of Kennedy space center is a joint venture by NASA and Lego education. 

It is a STEAM exploration series based on NASA’s Artemis I and six other learning missions taken by the students.

Main attractions 

The list of attractions or activities is endless in Lego building and launching the program. 

Here you can learn about NASA’s Artemis I, characters of the Lego space team, and try several hands-on activities like build-and-take.  

Attraction details

Visitors will be able to explore this attraction with their admission ticket.

This attraction is an indoor activity, you will get to see the Lego built to launch for 13 minutes.

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