Forever Remembered


Forever Remembered is a special program designed for NASA Kennedy space research center visitors, and here we will briefly discuss this program. 

Kennedy space research center is one of the premier space sites of NASA space center. 

Kennedy space center offers multiple attractions and activities for its visitors, from shopping and dining to exploring and engaging in fun activities. 

And the Kennedy Forever Remembered is also a part of the visitors’ attraction services. 

About Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other

The Forever Remembered program is a part of the ‘Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other that falls under Explore Attraction section. 

The ‘Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other is a unique program specially designed for Kennedy space center visitors where they can explore the legacy of NASA’s shuttle space launching system. 

Also, help them explore ways to dock and land the shuttle with the astronaut training simulation program and experience the shuttle launch on their own. 

What is NASA’s forever remembered section for?

And NASA Forever Remembered is also a unique part of this exploration plan. 

The primary theme of the explore attraction and be inspired to help the visitors to explore NASA Technologies and inspire young aspiring astronauts and space enthusiasts. 

The Kennedy Forever Remembered section is located under the space shuttle Atlantis. 

The place is a memorial of 14 NASA astronauts who lost their lives due to the loss of Columbia and orbiter challengers.

What you can see at Forever Remembered?

The complex preserves and displays each brave astronaut’s personal belongings with the remaining parts of the two orbiters, like Colombia’s ruined cockpit window, the Challengers’ left fuselage, and much more. 

The place tales emotional and technical or strategical recovery from these incidents and ways they changed and learned from past mistakes. 

The NASA forever remembered complex offers an overall 10 minutes nostalgic tour of the place included with admission. 

The memorial is wheelchair-friendly, and you can get a detailed map describing different sections of the complex to help you navigate easily. 

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