Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other

Do you ever wonder how astronauts live in space? How do they eat, sleep, and walk in spaceships?

All your queries will be answered at the Kennedy Space Center inside the Shuttle, a ship like no other mission zone. 

Visitors will be amazed by the famous Space Shuttle Atlantis, which orbited the Earth 4,848 times. You will get a close look at Atlantis during your visit.

You can also try the astronaut training simulators that make you feel like an astronaut.

At the Forever Remembered Memorial, pay tribute to the 14 brave astronauts who lost their lives during the loss of the orbiters Challenger and Columbia.

Where is Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other?

Shuttle: A ship like no other mission zone is inside the KSC Visitor Complex, next to the Space Mirror Memorial.

Location: Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, next to the Space Memorial Mirror

Duration of Visit: 2.5 hours

Wheelchair Accessibility: Yes, elevators are also available

Restaurants: Orbit Café, Space Dots Ice Cream

Shopping: Shuttle Express

Attractions: Space Shuttle Atlantis, Hubble Space Telescope Theater and Astronaut Training Simulators

Exhibits at Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other

Exhibits at Shuttle A Ship Like No Other
Image: Kennedyspacecenter.com

This place has world-famous exhibits located nowhere else in the world:

Space Shuttle Atlantis

Atlantis is one of NASA’s three remaining space-flown orbiters. It holds a significant place in the history of space exploration.

Operating from 1985 to 2011, it completed an impressive 33 missions during its operational life.

After its retirement, Atlantis found its final home at the Kennedy Space Center shuttle exhibit, where visitors can now witness it up close.

It is showcased in a tilted position across an expansive area of 90,000 square feet inside Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other.

Visitors can enjoy watching interactive displays, videos, and informative exhibits that showcase the program’s history and achievements. KNOW MORE.

Astronaut Training Simulator 

Astronaut Training Simulator 
Image: Tripadvisor.com

Would you like to experience piloting a space shuttle like an astronaut?

During the astronaut training simulator experience, visitors will be able to learn to pilot the space shuttle, just like an astronaut. 

Additionally, you can dock and land at Kennedy Space Center’s Shuttle Landing Facility within 15 minutes.

If you are specially-abled, don’t worry. You can still explore it. Here, you can find more about accessibility by wheelchair. KNOW MORE

Forever Remembered Memorial

The Forever Remembered Memorial at Kennedy Space Center is a tribute to the 14 brave astronauts who lost their lives during the loss of the orbiters Columbia and Challenger.

The complex offers a 10-minute nostalgic tour of the place, included with KSC admission tickets.

Visitors can see the displays of each brave astronaut’s personal belongings.

You can also see the remaining parts of the two orbiters, like Colombia’s ruined cockpit window and the Challengers’ left fuselage. KNOW MORE

Hubble Space Telescope Theatre

Hubble Space Telescope Theatre
Image: Slsc.org

The Hubble Space Telescope Theatre was deployed in 1990 and is orbiting 340 miles above the Earth’s surface.

It is one of the largest and most versatile telescopes still orbiting around the earth.

Visitors can see the exact replica of this telescope featured next to Atlantis inside KSC.

Learn how this telescope has answered some of the most basic and important questions about the universe. KNOW MORE

ISS Triumph of Technology

The ISS Triumph of Technology allows you to experience life in space aboard the International Space Station.

It tells you everything: how to eat, sleep, walk, exercise, and function like an astronaut.

A visit to this attraction is included with the admission ticket. KNOW MORE

Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Launch Experience 

The Kennedy Space Center shuttle simulator gives visitors a taste of what it feels like to launch into space aboard a shuttle.

It is an eight-and-a-half-minute simulation of the space shuttle’s climb into orbit with a pre-launch briefing by veteran shuttle commander Charles Bolden.

This stunning ride replicates a shuttle’s launch, including its sights, sounds, and sensations, offering an exciting and educational experience.

Experience what former NASA astronauts call the “next best thing to fly aboard the space shuttle” once on board.

Interesting Facts to Know About Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other

– Do you know the astronauts don’t wear shoes aboard the ISS? 

You will kick your shoes off and experience microgravity theater and science experiments in space.

– Do you know NASA has a fleet of five operational space shuttles, namely Atlantis,

Discovery, Endeavour, Challenger, and Columbia? Atlantis is the giant shuttle on display at Kennedy Space Center.

Unfortunately, the Columbia and Challenger shuttles were lost in tragic accidents.

-Do you know everyone retires?

After the retirement of the space shuttle program in 2011, the leftover orbiters were distributed to various museums across the United States, and Atlantis is one of them.

– Do you know Kennedy Space Center utilized two enormous crawler-transporters to move the massive space shuttles from the OPFs to the launch pad?

These crawler-transporters are among the largest self-powered machines on Earth and play a vital role in safely transporting space shuttles.FAQs 


Which shuttle is at Kennedy Space Center?

Space Shuttle Atlantis is displayed inside the Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other Mission Zone at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

Does the Kennedy Space Center have a space shuttle?

Yes,  Kennedy Space Center has the space shuttle Atlantis, which tells the story of NASA’s 30-year Space Shuttle Program. 

How many Space Shuttles were commissioned by NASA?

NASA commissioned a total of six shuttles. Two Shuttles, Columbia (OV-102) and Challenger (OV-099) shattered in tragic accidents.

NameOV designationFate
DiscoveryOV-103On display at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center
AtlantisOV-104On display at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
EndeavorOV-105On display at the California Science Center
EnterpriseOV-101On display at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

How to watch a rocket at Kennedy Space Center?

Kennedy Space Center offers the facility to watch a rocket launch with various safety protocols, and it is also visible from some places outside the center.

When is the next shuttle launch at Kennedy Space Center?

NASA stopped launching shuttles after 2011. However, one can watch a rocket launch from the Kennedy Space Center.

What replaced the space shuttle?

Orion, NASA’s new spaceship for humans designed to visit destinations such as the Moon and Mars, replaced the space shuttle that retired.

These are the best places to watch the rocket launch:

– LC-39 Observation Gantry
– Banana Creek Launch Viewing Area (adjacent to the Apollo/Saturn V Center)
– The Apollo/Saturn V Center lawn
– The main visitor complex has bleachers set up in designated viewing areas

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