Kennedy Space Center: Admission ticket with Explore Tour

Have you ever been curious about the groundbreaking achievements of NASA and the captivating stories of astronauts who have ventured beyond our planet? 

If so, the Kennedy Space Center Explorer Bus Tour is the perfect way to experience the marvels of space exploration firsthand.

This exclusive tour combines your admission ticket with a guided bus tour, granting you access to NASA’s restricted areas and offering insights from a space expert. 

You will see iconic landmarks like Atlantis, the Shuttle Launch Experience, the Gateway Complex, Rocket Garden, and Heroes and Legends with a knowledgeable guide.

  • NASA Restricted Areas: Explore areas typically closed to visitors, granting you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into NASA’s operations.
  • Space Shuttle Atlantis: See the beauty of this iconic spacecraft, a symbol of human ingenuity and the quest for space exploration.
  • Shuttle Launch Experience: Travel in a simulated shuttle launch, experiencing the thrill and exhilaration of astronauts as they embark on their missions.
  • Gateway Complex: Discover the future of space exploration at this cutting-edge facility, where NASA is preparing for missions to Mars and beyond.
  • Rocket Garden: Stand in amazement by these towering rockets, testaments to human innovation and the pursuit of knowledge beyond our planet.
  • Heroes and Legends: Honor the courageous astronauts and pioneers who have shaped the history of space exploration.
  • Spaceport of the Future: Step into the immersive world of the spaceport of the future, where you’ll experience the wonders of space travel firsthand.
  • Live Interactive Theater Presentation: Don’t forget to get inside a live interactive theater to see the presentation about the journey to Mars.

You can also explore the world’s most extensive collection of astronaut memorabilia.

Visitors over 12 can get Kennedy Space Center Explorer bus tickets for $122.

Children between the ages of three and 11 get the tour at a reduced rate of $105.

Infants under two years have free admission inside.

Kennedy Space Center Explore Bus Ticket Price

Visitors’ AgeTicket prices
Adult ticket (12+ years)$122
Youth ticket (3 to 11 years)$105
Child ticket (up to 2 years)Free Entry 

Highlights of Kennedy Space Center Admission Tickets with Explorer Tour

  • Explore the Kennedy Center on a bus tour led by a space expert
  • During your journey, stop by various spaceflight icons like the Vehicle Assembly Building and historic Launch Complex 39
  • See the gigantic Saturn V rocket and be amazed by the largest rocket ever flown
  • Experience and enjoy live shows, simulations, exhibitions and learning

Meeting Point

As you arrive at the visitor complex, bypass the ticket plaza and show your passes at the turnstile.

To spot where the Explorer bus is, ask any staff member or pick up a map at the entrance.

Know Before You Go

If you purchase the two-day admission ticket, you can return to the center a second time within six months.

  • The last admission is at 4 pm
  • You don’t have to purchase the Kennedy Space Center ticket along with the bus tour.
    Both tours end up at the exact location: the Apollo/Saturn V Center
  • You should explore the space on your own before taking any tour bus
  • Also, the best way to visit will be to take an additional hour at the Apollo/Saturn V Rocket Center and spend the next 15 minutes on the return journey

Why Purchase the Kennedy Space Center Explorer Ticket

Due to its vast size, touring the Kennedy Space Center alone can be overwhelming.

Also, with its exhibits, attractions and various NASA technologies, one can’t help but miss out on some during the self-tour.

This Kennedy Space Center Explorer bus tour makes your visit easier and more convenient.

Tips for KSC Explorer Bus Tour

  1. Arrive in advance to make sure you have time to explore the exhibits before the bus departs
  2. Carry sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat
  3. Bring a water bottle to avoid dehydration
  4. Wear comfortable shoes, as a lot of walking might be involved
  5. Prepare questions to ask your guide or the space expert


What is the Explore Tour at Kennedy Space Center?

The Kennedy Space Center Explore Bus Tour includes an exclusive journey through NASA’s restricted areas.

Explore the area where the Apollo Center/space shuttle launch area is located.

Also, discover the launch pads NASA and its partners used for a photo session.

What is included in the Kennedy Space Center Explorer bus?

This Explorer bus tour includes a tour guide, IMAX 3D films, exhibitions, attractions and all NASA innovations.

Additionally, visit the Apollo/Saturn V rockets and a space motion theater.

How long is the bus explorer tour?

The Kennedy Space Center bus explorer tour is valid for two days.

You can purchase the one- or two-day admission ticket options and have the choice of visiting the vast center at your own pace.

Can I see the SpaceX rocket here?

You can visit Launch Complex 39B, where the future SpaceX Falcon will be a heavy rocket.

Featured Image: KennedySpaceCenter.com

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