Lunar Theatre


Lunar Theatre is another major attraction of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex that you must attend. 

The whole world stopped when the first-ever spacecraft launched in the year 1969. The Lunar theatre mainly recreates the events of the momentous day in July 1969. 

So, if you are interested in taking yourself back to that memorable day, then it is a must-visit place that you should include in your bucket list. 

This beautiful theatre mainly depicts the entire story of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Mission. So, to relive the historical moment, you must visit the place.

The recreational show of the historic day at Lunar Theatre uses 3D theatrical elements combined with genuine mission control recordings and NASA film footage. 

The show’s primary highlight is you will hear the first word ever spoken directly from the lunar surface: “Houston, Tranquillity Base here… the Eagle has landed”. 

Apollo astronauts also shared the real-life experiences they had in their Apollo missions and said how it felt when they walked on the surface of the moon. 

All these things will help you gather adequate information about the mission and how they successfully did everything. 

The show mainly recreates the last few minutes of the Apollo Mission Landings, including the entire crew conversation. 

When you wait for the next amazing show to start, sit in the living room of the 1960s and the bar scene. 

Then, think you are back in 1969 and are eagerly waiting for the historical moment to happen. 

Everyone prefers this place because it features visuals that help them connect with the actual moments more intensely. 

So, this is absolutely a must-visit place for people who want to know more about the Apollo 11 Lunar Mission of 1969.

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