Journey To Mars: Explorers Wanted at Kennedy Space Center

Have you ever wondered what a journey to Mars will feel like?

“Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted” is a new exhibit inside the KSC Visitor Complex, where visitors can imagine that experience through live presentations.

The attraction utilizes live presentations, multimedia and sound effects to simulate the Mars journey and space hazards.

It showcases their innovative concept through controlled visuals, audio, video projection, and lighting.

Visitors can see exact replicas of Mars rovers, space simulation games, and more.

Children enjoy visiting this section for the games and enjoyment!

Journey To Mars at Kennedy Space Center

Where is the Journey to Mars Located?

The Journey to Mars is located on the east side of the KSC Visitor Complex. Get Directions

This attraction is an indoor activity. You will get to see the Journey to Mars for 30 minutes.

What is the Journey to Mars Program About

The Journey to Mars employs large-scale video projections, dimensional exhibits and interactive experiences.

Visitors are told about Mars through multimedia projection.

It is designed for space enthusiasts, especially those curious about our Red Planet (Mars).

The presentation also talks about NASA’s plans to explore the deep secrets of space and Mars.

The exhibit aims to provide visitors with a better understanding of Mars exploration.

The exhibit was launched as a collaboration between Kennedy Space Center, BRC Imagination Arts, TechMD, and Smart Monkeys, Inc. 

What is Inside Journey to Mars at KSC

At Journey to Mars, visitors can find multiple things to see and do, like:

  • Thrilling interactive simulation games
  • Replicas of the Mars rover family: Curiosity, Spirit, Opportunity, and Sojourner
  • Exclusive shows on Mars, asteroids, and the Moon
  • Orbital docking and lunar landing simulators are full-sized development models of crew vehicles
  • Model of a space exploration vehicle

Attractions Inside NASA Now+ Next

Planet Play

Planet Play

Planet Play is an indoor interactive area where children can play on the planets.

It is a multiple-story play experience designed for a younger generation of space explorers aged 2 to 12.

They can recreate a memorable learning experience by playing interactive games like mapping constellations, walking on Saturn’s rings, or sliding through an asteroid field.

Parents can relax and enjoy coffee, wine, or beer in a comfortable lounge while their little explorers learn about space.

Mars Rover Vehicle Navigator

Mars Rover Vehicle Navigator

The MRVN, or Mars Rover Vehicle Navigator, is the latest concept vehicle designed to navigate the demanding landscape of Mars.

NASA designed this vehicle to navigate Mars’ challenging terrain.

NASA Now+Next offers a close view of MRVN with massive wheels to travel over dunes and rocks.

The Mars Rover looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie.

IMAX Theater

IMAX Theater

Visitors can enjoy space movies at the IMAX Theater inside KSC, which are included with the admission ticket.

Theater features space-themed films like “Journey to Space” and “Asteroid Hunters,” offering a cinematic experience in space. 


What is Journey to Mars at Kennedy Space Center?

At the Kennedy Space Center, “Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted” is a multimedia exhibit that explores NASA’s plans for future missions to Mars and beyond. 
It’s designed to engage visitors of all ages and inspire them about the possibilities of human space exploration.

What exhibits are inside Journey to Mars?

Like interactive simulation games, many exhibits are inside the Journey to Mars attraction.

And Replicas of the Mars rover family: Curiosity, Spirit, Opportunity, and SojournerExclusive shows on Mars, asteroids, the Moon, etc.

Is Journey to Mars included with the admission ticket?

A thirty-minute visit to the Journey to Mars exhibit at Kennedy Space Center is included with the admission ticket.

Is Journey to Mars wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Journey to Mars is wheelchair accessible.

How long is the Journey to Mars exhibit?

The Earth to Mars journey takes around 6 to 9 months.
It depends on the mission plan and the spacecraft technology used.

Featured Image: Nasa.gov

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