Planet Play at Kennedy Space Center: The Universe Is Your New Playground

Calling all adventurers! You can enter a new world of play at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. 

A new, completely immersive, multiple-story play experience is now open at the visitor complex!

Planet Play is an indoor interactive area where children can play on the planets.

It is designed for a younger generation of space explorers aged 2 to 12. 

Various interactive games and artistic elements are used to create a memorable learning experience. 



Kids can play games and perform interesting missions with satellite and rover pals. Like collecting data balls on Saturn’s rings and launching them to the satellite buddy. Step on the stars in an interactive puzzle to recreate the constellations in the sky.


Young explorers ascend among the stars, glide through wormholes, stroll on Saturn’s rings, and explore various planet surfaces surrounded by the wonders of space. There is a soft play area where toddlers can explore the surface of the moon.


Parents may relax and enjoy coffee, wine, or beer in a cozy lounge while their little explorers experience space.

Are you ready to go? Purchase an admission ticket to access this new play area and many other attractions and exhibitions at the visitor complex.

Who Built Planet Play Kennedy Space Center?

Who Built Planet Play Kennedy Space Center
Image: Kennedyspacecenter.com

Breeze Creative was thrilled to collaborate with the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex for Planet Play, an interactive playground display for children of all ages. 

Planet Play is a unique and experiential zone for youngsters to learn about our solar system and space.

It extends the typical playground experience by incorporating digital interactives and artistic elements that both educate and excite young explorers. 

Planet Play has further information on what is included in an adventure.

Planet Play is an Attraction Spotlight


Image: Kennedyspacecenter.com

Compete against other racers as a Mars rover traverses the Red Planet. 

Racers control the rover’s movement by hopping up and down to avoid obstacles and going side to side to collect specimens. 

Players can select one of four rovers:

  • Sojourner, Mar’s first rover; 
  • Spirit, one of the twin rovers; 
  • Curiosity, the rover that looks for indications of water; 
  • or Perseverance, the newest rover.


Image: Kennedyspacecenter.com

The planetarium on the second floor has several play spaces that allow visitors to explore the planets in a natural setting.

Kids can stroll on the surface of the sun, climb into the planets via net towers, or utilize the gravity sink (climbing tower) to return to the first floor.

On the second floor, Stargazer Scramble will take you beyond the planets. Our solar system contains only one star, the Sun. 

However, at night, humans can see the stars outside our galaxy. 

In Stargazer Scramble, players tread on the stars on a digital floor to link stars from all around the universe, forming the constellations that astronomers have studied for years.


Image: Kennedyspacecenter.com

Toddlers can enjoy a soft play area on the Moon with age-appropriate attractions such as a climbable Moon rover and tactile play hexagons. 

Parents can relax while their children play on the moon.


Climbing from the second to third floors, kids can experience the astronomical distance from Mercury to Pluto at record speed by passing through a black hole.

Imagine a slide wrapped in a swirling, rainbow tunnel of light! That’s what this net climber is like. 

The special fabric makes it look like you’re zooming through a magical, colorful black hole.

Kids will love crawling through the net and feeling like astronauts exploring space. It’s a fun and unique way to climb and play!

Continue your journey from Pluto to Mars and Saturn by navigating via net climber tubes and towers.

Adventurers discover themselves inside a lander spacecraft after descending through Mars–a lander without power!

Stomping on the Power Tower will recharge the lander.

As they keep stomping, media projections show the surface and weather of the planet they’ve landed on.

Once charged, the lander will simulate liftoff with smoke and projections.

Fun Installations in Kennedy Space Center Planet Play

Planet Play at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex includes three special Breeze installations: Dynamic Floor, Draw Alive, and an interactive slide.

  • The Star Gazer Scramble was created by modifying Dynamic Floor

Guests will learn about numerous constellations in our solar system by treading on the stars that make up the constellations on a touch-capacity LED floor.  

They’ll observe the formation of the constellation and discover a fun tidbit about it.

  • Draw Alive was transformed into the Satellite Factory, a station where visitors can color in various satellites and learn about aeronautical space technology.

Also, watch them come to life and float around in space on a wide screen.

  • The largest installation of all is the interactive slide.   

It is a one-of-a-kind interactive slide with several space themes, such as an asteroid field and a rocket launch.  

The display moves in real-time as the guests slide down the 35-foot-long slide.

On this massive LED interactive floor, guests step on stars to form genuine constellations. 

Then, they get fun facts about those constellations displayed right in front of them on this massive LED screen. 

Kennedy Space Center Planet Play Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Celebrations
Image: Kennedyspacecenter.com

Give your budding astronauts an out-of-this-world birthday celebration!

Each birthday package includes an entrance to Planet Play, the fully immersive multiple-story play experience at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. 

This indoor, interactive planetarium is best suited for youngsters aged 2 to 12.

Birthday Packages:

Star Party, from $350 + taxes


  • Planet Play contains 1.5 hours of playtime.
  • 30-minutes for birthday cake and gifts donated by the group

Cosmic Party starts at $700 + taxes


  • 2-hours of fun within Planet Play
  • 1-hour for dinner, a birthday cake given by the group, and gifts
  • Pizza and/or chicken tenders with French fries are available for dinner

Optional Additions

Available at an extra fee.

  • Guests will get space-themed goodie bags
  • Bar serving coffee, wine, and beer
  • Space Dots ice cream (available only at the Cosmic Party)

Both packages accommodate up to 30 people in addition to the birthday boy or girl and begin no earlier than 1 hour after the visitor complex closes (seasonally).

To make a reservation, please email kscevent@delawarenorth.com.

💡Insider Tip:

Wrapped gifts are not accepted for security reasons. Bring gifts in gift bags that may be inspected by security, or bring unwrapped items. 

Food is not permitted inside Planet Play to keep the attraction clean. 

Inside the Orbit Cafe, cake and/or meals will be provided. Birthday candles (with open flames) are also prohibited.


What age is best for Kennedy Space Center?

Children aged five and up completely grasp and appreciate this experience. 
This indoor site is both entertaining and educational, making it an excellent addition to your schedule.

What is the new attraction at Kennedy Space Center?

Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complex® is a daring attraction that looks at the future of space travel while also emphasizing current developments in the space program.

Can you experience zero gravity at Kennedy Space Center?

At the Zero Gravity Flight Experience in KSC, you can experience zero gravity.

Each parabola provides around 30 seconds of zero gravity. Flying 15 parabolas during the flight results in 7.5 to 8 minutes of zero gravity.

Book your tickets for this event now!

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