Shuttle Launch Experience


Shuttle Launch Experience is a part of ‘Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other’ within the Explore Attractions and Get Inspired section of Kennedy Space Center. 

The program is designed to help visitors experience the true feeling of a shuttle launch through a breathtaking journey to Earth’s orbit and back to Earth again.

What is a Shuttle Launch Experience?

The Kennedy shuttle launch experience is a part of the ‘Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other’ program, where visitors get a thrilling experience of the shuttle launch. 

Here visitors get a brief of the shuttle launch program by the veteran astronaut Charles Bolden, who once visited space. 

After that, they explore the crew cabin with a strap-in and feel the true shuttle launch with the NASA-designed sights, sounds, and sensation of a real-life shuttle launch. 

Visitors experience the jaw-dropping sights of the orbit and space and finally return to earth again, along with projector-provided pictures of the space and earth’s orbit (taken by different space shuttles).

Details about the Shuttle Launch Experience

The Kennedy shuttle launch experience program is a popular exploration program under the ‘Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other. 

The shuttle launch experience zone is located within the Space Shuttle Atlantis complex of the Kennedy Space research center. 

Visitors get complimentary lockers to store their personal belongings before moving forward for the shuttle launch. 

Also, a shuttle launch experience receiver must be at least 44″ tall to enter the shuttle launch. 

The complimentary lockers are placed at the entrance, and the shuttle launch includes an admission fee in the program pack. 

The launch experience is a 30 minutes travel experience to space.          

The Kennedy shuttle launch experience offers a breathtaking experience of the shuttle launch.

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