The Rocket Garden of Kennedy Space Center


The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is mainly situated on Merritt Island, Florida. 

This place offers amazing attractions, delightful exhibits, and activities. 

You will see advanced technology and space when you step into the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. 

People who have an interest in space exploration should definitely visit this place once. 

Rocket Garden is one of the must-visit places among the significant attractions of this place. 

It is mainly a place where you can witness the collection of rockets that were used before during various space missions.

Here, we will discuss the Kennedy Space Rocket Garden and its rockets collection.

Things To See In Rocket Garden

The Rocket Garden is one of the most popular and photographed tourist attractions of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. 

This is the most appropriate place to gather knowledge about America’s Space Program.

Along with that, most visitors now show interest in visiting Kennedy Space Center Rocket Garden after its foundation.

During your visit to the place amidst giant rockets, you will get to see the rockets that pioneered America’s Space Exploration. 

You can see the rockets of this place in a chronological pattern. 

Also, here, you get to see a glimpse of amazing and authentic machines. In the old days, America’s Space Program did not retrieve or reuse any rockets after their launch. 

However, you can surely visit this place alone or with your family and friends who are interested in space-related things. 

List Of Collection of The Rockets

During your visit to this amazing place, the Space experts will guide you by telling you the history of early rocket science. 

But it is always good to know about the place a little bit more before you explore them. 

Hence, below is the information about the rockets, including the programs and their notable missions.

Delta II

Delta II

Delta II is a new modern-era rocket that was recently added to the collection of Rocket Garden at Kennedy Space Center. 

This specific rocket has served for almost thirty years. The rocket’s height is 128 feet, and the thrust is 1,084,200 pounds. 

This rocket launched the Phoenix Mars Lander, Mars Rover Spirit, and Opportunity. 

With over 150 launches, including many GPS missions, it has a major significance in the history of rocket science.

Juno 1

Juno 1

Juno 1 is another rocket that has made it to the list of rockets in the garden. The height of this rocket is 71.25 feet the thrust is 83,000 pounds. 

Juno 1 had a notable mission of launching Explorer I on 31st January 1958. Explorer I was the first ever satellite in orbit. 

After its launch, the Explorer I also sent its data for four months until 23rd May.



The Mercury-Redstone is another important rocket from the list. It is one of the Kennedy Space Center’s must-see rockets.

The height of this rocket is 83 feet, and the thrust is 78,000 pounds. This rocket is the first crewed launched rocket that carried Ham, the Chimpanzee. 

They did this to test the life support system of spacecraft in 1961. After that, Alan Shepard and Virgil “Gus” Grissom launched this vehicle and returned safely.


Atlas-Agena is another rocket from the list with a height of 105.3 feet, and its thrust is 366,213 pounds. 

This rocket was involved in the eight missions of the Ranger program. Then, it collected above 11,000 detailed and clear pictures of the moon.



The height of this giant rocket is 95 feet, and the thrust is 360,000 pounds. 

One of the significant missions of the Mercury-Atlas is Friendship 7 spacecraft launching. 

John Glenn, the first-ever American to orbit the Earth, launched the Friendship 7 spacecraft on 20th February 1962. 

John Glenn also showed that humans could work in a microgravity environment. 

Gemini Titan II

The Titan II was mainly an intercontinental Ballistic Missile that was used in the Gemini missions between the years 1965 to 1966. 

Rocket Garden’s rocket height is 108 feet, and the thrust is 430,000 pounds. This specific rocket was made to transfer nuclear weapons across the ocean. 

Though, they never used it for any military actions.

Apart from the rockets mentioned above, there are other rockets as well, including Juno II, Saturn 1B, and Delta. 

The Rocket Garden in Kennedy Space center not only showcases the giant spacecraft and tributes to the engineers and scientists who have made the dream of spaceflight into reality. 

So, visit the place once in Florida to learn more about early rocket science.

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