Ad Astra Per Aspera


Ad Astra Per Aspera is another major attraction of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Ad Astra Per Aspera is a Latin word that means a rough road leads to the stars. 

This is mainly new addition to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Apollo 1 is there to tribute to the ‘Ad Astra Per Aspera,’ which further highlights the career and lives of astronauts Gus Grissom, Roger Chaffee, and Ed White II. 

This place is dedicated to these three astronauts who lost their lives during the Apollo 1 mission. 

They lost their lives because the Apollo 1 capsule caught fire for some reason, and they could not escape from it. 

On the 50th anniversary of the incident of Apollo 1, this place opened to commemorate the three heroes who served NASA till their last breath.

This place mainly reminds the visitors of the sacrifices they made. 

So, a generation of people will learn about these three brave astronauts and remember how their legacies will live on forever through the successes of Apollo missions and beyond. 

You will see many things related to these astronauts when you step into the place. 

This way, you will gather more information about them, including how determined they were during the mission. 

This place also features the three-piece hatch from the Apollo 1 spacecraft. It was displayed recently during the 50th anniversary of the fatal accident.

It is said that the hatch was made to open inward so that the astronauts could escape if anything happened. 

But, when the hatch caught fire, the flames increased the air pressure inside the capsule, and they couldn’t get out and died on the spot. 

Therefore, the place was created in the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex to tell the world of that enormous contribution to the Apollo Mission.

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