Path To Moon


There are lots of moments in the American history of space which is the reason behind the unification of the country. 

The era of Apollo Moon Landings is one of the most important eras in American history. 

The Apollo/Saturn V center houses the genuine machines and consoles that were used during the missions of the Apollo era. 

You can visit the Path to the Moon, to see the engaging and interesting exhibits. When you step into this place, you will be able to relive the excitement and wonder of the Apollo era. 

This one-of-a-kind interesting place proudly celebrates the great achievement of sending humans to the Moon. 

This place also offers its visitors the to relive the proud moments of all humankind felt during the Apollo period. 

When you visit the place, you will be amazed to see the beautiful collections of artifacts. All of the technologies and genuine consoles will surely give you a real feeling of landing on Luna. 

In the collection of artifacts and exhibits, you can take a glimpse of the technologies that were used during the Apollo Missions 7-10. 

You must know that these technologies are the ones that keep all the astronauts of the Apollo Missions safe. 

It was much needed because they traveled on average 384,600 kilometers or 239,000 miles to reach the Moon. 

The best part of this place of Kennedy Space Center is you can take a closer look at the genuine or real command service module. 

You will feel like you were interacting with the timeline when the astronauts stepped into the surface of Moon. 

The displayed artifacts will surely take you to the time of the Apollo Missions.

Additionally, during your visit, you can acquire better knowledge about how the astronauts carried the lunar rover to the Moon. 

You will also know how the command service and command module docked back then.

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