Hubble space telescope theatre


Are you aware of the Kennedy Hubble space telescope theater? If you aren’t, then here’s what you need to know.

Delaware North operates Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. 

Here, you can explore several attractions like the US astronaut hall of fame, rocket garden, astronaut encounter, heroes and legends, a path to the moon, and many others.

At this theatre, you can visit and know a lot about the Hubble. But do you know what is Hubble space telescope? 

It is a telescope that was launched in the year 1990. 

This was the most versatile and largest telescope of that time and its mission was to observe planets, galaxies, and stars in our solar system. 

The purpose of this telescope was to be an observatory, it studied 40,000 cosmic objects.

Things to know about the Kennedy Hubble space telescope theatre

At the Kennedy space center, the Kennedy Hubble space telescope theatre is one of the most popular attractions. Following are the things that you should know before you visit here.

• Informative: This visit of yours to the center can be quite informative. Here, you will be able to gain knowledge about how dedicated astronauts fought to save the telescope.

• Learn: You will also learn about how Hubble has answered some of the most basic questions about the universe.

• Working: The Hubble space telescope has been working since 1990 to date. Operating for such a long time is a big thing for the astronauts as well as other people also.

• Replica: At the Hubble space telescope Theatre, you can find a replica of the Hubble space telescope. Here, you can have a close-up look at the configuration of Hubble and its solar arrays.

• Duration: You are allowed for 8 minutes so, utilize this time to the fullest and explore as much as you can.

• Location: It is located inside the Space shuttle Atlantis.

• Other facilities: If you have any kind of problems in walking then you need not worry because you can have wheelchair accessibility over there.

The Kennedy Hubble space telescope theatre can offer you a great experience. So, when you are at this space center, do not forget about this popular attraction.

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