Kennedy Space Center Tickets

Located on Merrit Island, Florida, the Kennedy Space Center is a NASA field center that has been in operation since 1968. 

The center has over 700 facilities and buildings, including the Visitor Complex, which is a great place to learn about space and the history of human spaceflight.

It hosts several exhibitions, like Space Shuttle Atlantis and the Shuttle Launch Experience, that are popular among kids and adults.

The center also offers a variety of tours, including a bus tour of the launch pads and a rocket garden tour.

Here is a guide to help you get the best deals on Kennedy Space Center tickets.


Kennedy Space Center Hours: 9 am to 5 and 6 pm
(depending on the month of the year) 

Last Entry:  4 pm

Time needed:  6 to 8 hours

Best time: Early morning

Ticket cost: $80

Bus Tour: $107


The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is located on Merrit Island, Florida. An hour’s drive from the main city of Orlando.

Address: Space Commerce Way, Merritt Island, FL 32953, USA. Get Directions

Top 3 Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Tickets 2023

Where to buy Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex tickets

There are two ways to buy Kennedy Space Center tickets: online or at the ticket counter.

We recommend you purchase tickets online in advance, as the space center is a popular tourist destination and tickets can sell out quickly.

Moreover, online tickets are usually more convenient than offline ones, and you can also compare prices and inclusions to find the best deal.

It also allows you to secure your preferred time slot, which can be helpful if you visit during peak season (November to February).

By buying your tickets in advance, you can avoid the long lines at the ticket counter and save 15 to 20 minutes of your time.

How do online tickets work

Once you purchase the Kennedy Space Center visitor complex tickets online, you will receive the tickets in your email.

You can show that e-ticket on your mobile phone when you visit the center. There is no need to take printouts.

Also, you can reschedule the ticket 24 hours in advance, free of charge.

Kennedy Space Center ticket costs

The Admission ticket for Kennedy Space Center costs $80 for adults aged 12 years and older.

Children aged 3 to 11 pay a reduced price of $70, and infants (up to 2 years) get free entry.

The entry ticket with Explore tour fee starts at $106 per individual, and children pay a discounted rate of $90.

Age GroupAdmission TicketAdmission with Explore ticketAdmission with BusTransfer
Adult (12+ yrs)$80$106$159
Youth (3 to 12 yrs)$70$90$139
Infants (upto 2 yrs)FreeFreeFree
Buy TicketBuy TicketBuy Ticket

Kennedy Space Center admission ticket

If you want to skip the line at the center and only want to explore the visitor complex, then the Kennedy Space Center admission ticket is for you.

This ticket will give you access to the KSC shows, exhibits, and attractions, like the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

It also gives you two options you can choose from 1-day and 2-day admission tickets.

Each option has different days to spend at the Kennedy Space Center. 

The 2-day access, however, allows you to return within 6 months for a second visit.

The ticket price for a 1-day pass starts at $80 for adults aged 12 years and older and $70 for children between 3 and 11 years old. 

Kids ages 2 and below do not need to buy a ticket.

For a 2-day pass, you need to pay an extra $15 for adults and children, while entry for infants is free.

Ticket prices

Ticket typeAdults
(12+ yrs)
(3 to 11 yrs)
(upto 2 yrs)
1-day pass$80$70Free
2-day pass$95$85Free

Kennedy Space Center admission ticket inclusions

Every Kennedy Space Center visitor complex ticket includes the following:

  • The Shuttle Launch experience in the Space Shuttle Atlantis 
  • A visit to Apollo/Saturn V center via the Bus Tour
  • Astronaut Encounter
  • Planet Play
  • Heroes and Legends
  • Universe Theater features daily shows like Mission Status Briefings and Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo
  • Entry to IMAX theatre
  • Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted
  • Rocket Garden

Kennedy Space Center bus tour

The Explore bus tour is a great way to combine your entry ticket with a bus tour and explore the center in the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle.

During the bus tour, tourists can get an overview of NASA’s Space Center’s major attractions in around two hours.

It is a great way of skipping the stress of transport arrangements and saving time.

You can also opt for 1 or 2-day admission ticket for a detailed Explore bus tour and ride along with a space expert to tour around America’s multi-user spaceport.

For 1-Day:

Adults above 12 years of age can enter the center by paying $107, and children between 3 and 11 years old pay a discounted price of $90.

For 2-Day:

If you are interested in exploring the center thoroughly and gaining insights, you can buy pass for two days.

Adults (12+ years) will need to pay $123, and children (3 to 11 years) will pay $105.

Kids under 2 can enter for free with both passes.

If you want to upgrade your ticket and add the Chat with Astronaut experience to your list, you need to pay $225 per adult (12+ years).

If you are visiting with your family and want a more personalized experience, add activities like the astronaut training experience to your list.

Please note that the bus departs every fifteen minutes from the visitor center.

If you want a hassle-free experience and want to save time arranging a vehicle, book the Orlando bus tour.

However, if you want to spend a whole day in Florida to explore the center, this 12-hour-long Kennedy Space Center and Airboat tour combo would greatly benefit you.

Exhibits at Kennedy Space Center

The KSC Visitor Complex is home to many historical and present-day space equipment, offering visitors an insight into NASA’s history and future.

You will see space marvels like the Space Shuttle Atlantis, a Saturn V Moon rocket, the Apollo 14 Kitty Hawk capsule, the Mercury Sigma 7 capsule, and the Gemini 9 capsule.

The Rocket Garden also features authentic machines that helped evolve America’s Space exploration.

As you enter the center, you’ll see “EXPLORE,” inviting you to discover its diverse sections.

These sections contain a bunch of exhibitions that go through the past, present, and future of Kennedy Space Center and NASA.

Here are the exhibitions in detail:

Heroes and Legends: The first section contains a collection of artifacts showcasing the lives and accomplishments of astronauts.

ASA Now + Next: It highlights NASA’s ongoing missions, research, and technologies shaping the future of space travel and astronomy.

Race to the Moon: These exhibitions give an insight into the pivotal Apollo Moon landings and pay homage to the people and machines behind them.

Shuttle: a ship like no other: Explore the shuttle missions behind the success of the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station.

If you want to get the full experience of the Kennedy Space Center, visiting these exhibitions is a must.

Must-see exhibits


Space Shuttle

The Shuttle: A ship like no other offers a nearly 360° view of the shuttle Atlantis.

It is positioned at a 43° angle with the payload bay doors open, a picture only seen in space.

Space Shuttle Atlantis is a magnificent engineering marvel and was the last space shuttle to fly. 

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Saturn V Rocket IN Kennedy

Saturn V Rocket

The Apollo/Saturn V Center is located 6 miles north of NASA’s gates.

It is a large museum built around its centerpiece exhibit, a restored Saturn V launch vehicle.

The Saturn V is the most powerful rocket ever built. It is preserving the legacy of its historic moon missions.

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Shuttle Launch

Shuttle Launch

The Shuttle Launch Experience at Kennedy Space Center lets you feel what it’s like to launch into space like an astronaut.

Using special effects, it’s an exciting and realistic adventure that will leave you amazed by the wonders of space.

Then NASA Administrator and Former Shuttle Commander Charles F. Bolden narrates the simulation and hosts the show. 

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Best time to visit Kennedy Space Center

The best time to visit the Kennedy Space Center is as soon as it opens at 9 am on weekdays.

As visiting the space center is a full-day activity, starting early will help you get ahead of the crowds at all exhibits.

May, June, and October are great months to visit the center because they are less crowded.

How long does it take to visit KSC Visitor Complex?

You should expect to spend at least 6 hours at the Visitor Complex. 

However, if you want to see everything, you may want to plan for a full day (9 hours).

You can adjust the itinerary to fit your interests and time constraints. 

If you are short on time, you could focus on just the bus tour and the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit. 

Or, if you have some more time to spare, you can also visit some other attractions in the area, such as the Apollo Saturn V Center or the Rocket Garden.

If you want to watch all shows and attractions closely, arrive early in the morning and plan a two-day visit.

The admission tickets are also valid for 1-2 days, depending on the option you choose.


How much are the launch tickets at Kennedy Space Center?

The launch viewing is free, with Kennedy Space Center visitor complex tickets costing $80 per person.

If you want to watch it from the safest distance possible, special tickets for launch viewing are also available on their website.

Is it cheaper to buy Kennedy Space Center tickets online?

Yes, by purchasing tickets online, you will get a 5% discount on Kennedy Space Center tickets.

Hence, we recommend you explore different ticket options online, making it a cost-effective option for visitors.

What is the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, ticket price?

The admission ticket costs around $80 for adults (12+ years old) and a discounted price of $70 for kids (3–11 years old).

Admission for infants (up to 2 years) is free.

Where can I get discount tickets for Kennedy Space Center?

You can get Kennedy Space Center tickets at a discount quickly by buying them online.

It will save you from long lines and the disappointment of tickets being sold out.

Are Kennedy Space Center tickets refundable?

Some Kennedy Space Center tickets are refundable, and some are not. 

The Admission ticket and the Explore bus tour are non-refundable.

The tour from Orlando, the Airboat Safari ride, and the bus transfer tickets have 24-hour refundable policies.

Can you buy Kennedy Space Center tickets at the gate?

Yes, you can buy Kennedy Space Center attraction tickets at the counter.

The prices at the gate are generally higher compared to those online. Buying tickets online can save you from long lines and rushes.

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