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Imax Theater is an exclusive theater to the Space. Imax is also a part of Explore Attractions and Be Inspired of the Kennedy Space Center. 

The theater is not an ordinary theater of earth; it can take you to Space. 

Imax is open for people who want to explore space and feel what it feels like to be in the deep of space. 

Gear up for a space adventure and learn about the show timetable daily displayed at the theater upon your arrival. 

Also, collect your favorite munchies from the lobby before entering the theater.

Now showcasing:

Imax theater is located in the Kennedy space center’s visitors complex and offers an exciting space show.

Currently, the theater offers two space shows – Journey to Space and Asteroid Hunters. 

Sir Patrick Stewart narrates Journey to Space; it is 40 mins long movie about NASA’s past Journeys and future plans and strategies for Space exploration. 

And the Asteroid Hunters, narrated by Daisy Ridley, is also 40 mins long movie about the asteroid and their cosmic effect on the earth. 

It will also explore the technologies and tools that can save our earth from the destructive path of asteroids. 

Imax theater is located in the Kennedy space center’s visitor’s complex. The theater displays exciting 3D films about Space and includes admission. 

Visitors can spend 60 mins within the theater, and the Space is accessible by wheelchair. 

Attraction details

Visitors will be able to explore this attraction with their admission ticket.

This attraction is an indoor activity, you will get to see the Imax Theater for 60 minutes.

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