NASA Now + Next: Journey To Present and Future of Space Exploration

The NASA Now + Next is adjacent to the Rocket Garden inside the KSC Visitor Complex.

There are many exciting activities to see and do inside, like the Mars Rover, the Deep Space Launch Complex, and many more.

Visitors can experience atmospheric effects, and a motion theater simulates the space travel experience.

You can also see the futuristic airport called KSC Spaceport.

NASA Now+Next is your window into the exciting world of what’s happening at NASA and what they have in store for the future.

If you are curious about NASA’s upcoming plans, this place is a must-visit! Here, you’ll gain insights into both ongoing and forthcoming NASA missions.

About NASA Now+Next

Location: Next to the Rocket Garden, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Duration of Visit: Approximately 2.5 hours

Wheelchair Accessibility: Yes

🍽️ Restaurants: Red Rock Grill, Space Bowl Bistro

🛒 Shopping: The Space Shop

Learn insights on how to reach the KSC Visitor Complex and parking options here!

Attractions Inside NASA Now+ Next

NASA Now+Next offers visitors a journey to different sections to learn about futuristic concepts and technologies for space exploration.

 Deep Space Launch Complex

Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complex

It is a recent addition to the complex, which features authentic spacecraft and prototypes from NASA and commercial partners.

Through immersive atmospheric effects and a motion theater experience, visitors see, hear, and feel what it’s like to travel in space.

You can look at today’s spacecraft and the visionary designs setting the way for human deep space travel.

Spaceport KSC

Spaceport KSC

At the Spaceport, visitors are transported to a futuristic airport with information about where spaceships are going.

Visitors board on “spaceships” in the form of a two-story motion theater and go on one of the four journeys offered.

The four journeys offered are named – Cosmic Wonders, Red Planet, Daring Explorers, and Uncharted Worlds.

Journey to Mars

Journey to Mars

Ever wondered what it would be like to travel to Mars? You can experience it at the Journey to Mars exhibit at KSC.

This new exhibit can give you a sense of that reality by having you live in a tiny capsule and experience the hazards of space.

The multimedia exhibit also highlights what’s happening at NASA right now to explore deep space, including Mars.

Planet Play

Planet Play

Planet Play is an indoor interactive area where children can play on the planets.

It is a fully immersive, multiple-story play experience designed for a younger generation of space explorers aged 2 to 12.

They can recreate a memorable learning experience by playing interactive games, such as mapping constellations, walking on Saturn’s rings, or sliding through an asteroid field.

Parents can relax and enjoy coffee, wine, or beer in a comfortable lounge while their little explorers learn about space.

Mars Rover Vehicle Navigator

Mars Rover Vehicle Navigator

The MRVN, or Mars Rover Vehicle Navigator, is the latest concept vehicle designed to navigate the demanding landscape of Mars.

NASA designed this vehicle to navigate Mars’ challenging terrain.

NASA Now+Next offers a close view of MRVN with massive wheels to travel over dunes and rocks.

The Mars Rover looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie.

IMAX Theater

IMAX Theater

Visitors can enjoy space movies at the IMAX Theater inside KSC, which are included with the admission ticket.

Theater features space-themed films like “Journey to Space” and “Asteroid Hunters,” offering a cinematic experience in space. 

Mission Status Briefing

NASA is preparing for the next generation of American spacecraft, which will launch astronauts from Florida’s Space Coast to the International Space Station.

During Mission Status Briefing, visitors learn about current NASA missions, Kennedy Space Center operations, and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station launch activity. 

Also, learn about NASA’s commercial partners, including SpaceX, the United Launch Alliance (ULA), and the International Space Station (ISS).

During a multimedia presentation, you can also see the futuristic space exploration approach with the Space Launch System.


Is NASA Now + Next accessible with my Kennedy Space Center admission ticket?

Yes, you can visit the attraction with the KSC admission tickets.

Where is the NASA Now + Next?

NASA Now+ Next is next to the Rocket Garden inside the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

What are some must-see attractions at NASA Now + Next?

Some must-see attractions are the Gateway, Spaceport KSC, Journey to Mars, and Mars Rover Vehicle Navigator.

You can also see space films at the IMAX Theater after that!

How long should I spend at NASA Now + Next?

A comprehensive NASA Now + Next visit takes around 2–2.5 hours.

This attraction is a new addition, giving you a glimpse of being in space. You can take more or less time, depending on your interest. 

What is NASA’s next big project?

The NASA Artemis launch is the next big NASA project scheduled in 2024.

NASA plans to land the first woman and next man on the Moon with this project.

Is NASA launching a rocket in 2023?

Yes. As per the official site, NASA has scheduled 10–11 launches in 2023.

The next NASA launch is scheduled for 24 December 2023.

NASA’s SpaceX Crew-7 will send astronauts aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule to the International Space Station.

Featured Image: Kennedyspacecenter.com

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